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Недвижимость в Тайланде: Паттайя, Хуахин, Самуи, Пхукет, Чанг Май, Бангкок

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Аренда - Baan Sammi - Dillenia Home

Отдельный дом 2-комнат 48 м²
Чанг Май, Дой Сакет
79/2 M. 6, T. Pa Lan, A. Doi Saket, Chiang Mai 50220
Площадь земли 6960 кв.м

Цена аренды
15 000 бат/месяц
13 900 бат/месяц полгода
12 800 бат/месяц год
Updated 16-11-2023

  • Этаж - 1
  • Спальни - 1
  • Санузлы - 2
  • Расстояние до пляжа - ? м.
  • Вид на море: нет
  • Бассейн: общий
  • Охрана 24ч

  • Кондиционеры - 1
  • Меблировка полная
  • Кухня
  • Микроволновка
  • Эл/газ плита
  • Холодильник
  • Стиральная машина
  • Сейф
  • Интернет WI-FI

  • Secluded little lakeside home (1-2 br), in natural garden, 10 mi to city.

    ● Location: 10 mi (15 km) northeast of Chiang Mai, or: 11 mi (18 km)
    to Tha Phae Gate, or: 4 mi (7 km) to Doi Saket; in the countryside,
    within a fenced, quiet and secure 1.7 acres (7,000 m², or 4 rai) private
    property with a park-like natural garden and a few houses.
    ● Size of private areas: interior living area (bungalow, pavilion) 517 ft²
    (48 m²), plus open-spaced roofed living area (pavilion) ca. 430 ft² (40
    m²), plus private garden area ca. 420 yd² (350 m²).
    ● Buildings: a detached unit comprising a bungalow and pavilion,
    within a private garden, all 6 rooms mosquito-tight, furnished or partly
    furnished, bedrooms 1–2, bathrooms 2½. Bungalow: bedroom, with a
    queen-size bed, air-conditioner, ceiling fan, room safe, built-in
    wardrobe; en-suite bathroom, with western-type toilet, hand wash
    basin, electric hot shower; living and dining room, with sitting area,
    ceiling fan; kitchen, fully equipped, with hot plate, sink, 2-door
    refrigerator, microwave, hot water kettle, etc. Pavilion (wooden stilt
    house): room on the upper floor, can be used as a laptop-friendly
    workspace or as a temporary bedroom, with wall fan, hand wash
    basin, urinal; bathroom on the ground floor, with western-type toilet,
    hand wash basin, electric hot shower, washing machine; roofed
    veranda on the upper floor, with kitchenette, refrigerator, table fan.
    ● Private garden: open-spaced roofed seating area under the pavilion,
    with wall fan; terrace, patios, deck; staircase dock with access to the
    natural swimming pond.
    ● Community garden: natural, with ponds, canals, bridges, pathways,
    driveways, tall trees, bamboo, fruit trees, herbaceous plants; the large
    natural swimming pond, 300 ft (90 m) long and 23 ft (7 m) deep, can
    also be used for boating and occasional fishing.
    ● Facilities: free and unlimited Wi-Fi Internet throughout the property,
    village tap water (drinkable), parking (1 car) within the property,
    covered parking spaces for bicycles and a motorbike, using the boat
    on the large pond, barbecue equipment in the garden, roofed
    community seating area with LAN connections.
    ● Catering: self-catering; grocery and ready-meal delivery services
    available; some grocery shops and food stalls with Thai dishes are
    within walking or cycling distance.
    ● Transportation: public transportation available (from and to the public
    street in front of the property gate), fare to Chiang Mai ca. 60 Baht;
    reliable and inexpensive app-based transport services from Grab
    (GrabCar, GrabBike) and Bolt available; renting a car, motorbike,
    scooter, or bicycle possible.
    ● Pets: 1 dog and 5 cats live on the property outdoors, and these
    animals may occasionally roam and hang out in private garden areas;
    however, our dog does not allow any other dog in its territory, hence,
    guests with their own dogs, unfortunately, cannot be accommodated.
    ● Suitability: this home is best suited for a single person or a couple
    who likes nature and an inspiring tranquil environment, e.g., the
    elderly, retirees, writers, artists, digital nomads, people on long-stay
    vacation and sabbatical leave, as well as employees working in the
    east, northeast or southeast of Chiang Mai.
    ● Visits: any day between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., but 1-day prior notice via
    email or messenger is required; the entire property and the exterior of
    houses can be viewed; the interior of a house can only be viewed if it
    is not currently rented.
    ● Rental rate: valid for an occupation by 1-2 people; the rate includes
    all utility costs (e.g., tap water and WiFi), except electricity, which is
    extra and charged monthly, according to the PEA consumption bill;
    security deposit equals 1 month’s rent; minimum rental commitment 1
    year. Lower rental rates apply for a 2-year and 3-year rental
    ● Rental availability: from now.

     Аренда Чанг Май Дой Сакет  Аренда Чанг Май Дой Сакет  Аренда Чанг Май Дой Сакет  Аренда Чанг Май Дой Сакет  Аренда Чанг Май Дой Сакет  Аренда Чанг Май Дой Сакет  Аренда Чанг Май Дой Сакет  Аренда Чанг Май Дой Сакет
     Аренда Чанг Май Дой Сакет

    Чанг Май
    Продавец:   -   Khun Sam
    0896339517 Khun Sam
    Язык для общения:    - ไทย - English - Deutsch


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    Инвестиции в Таиланд, Паттайя
    от 1,700,000 бат

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    Baan Sammi - Dillenia Home Аренда Чанг Май Дой Сакет: Отдельный дом 2 комнат 48 м²; Цена аренды - 15 000 бат/месяц
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