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Недвижимость в Тайланде: Паттайя, Хуахин, Самуи, Пхукет, Чанг Май, Бангкок

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Адвокат, юридические услуги в Паттайе, визы

Курс тайского БАТА
THB buy sell
25 Nov 2020
USD ЦБ 76.4443
1 THB ~ 2.62 РУБ

Продажа -

Отдельный дом 6-комнат 260 м²
Площадь земли 2924 кв.м

Цена продажи 9 900 000бат    -   Тайская компания
Updated 9-8-2018

  • Этаж - 1
  • Спальни - 5
  • Санузлы - 3
  • Расстояние до пляжа - 900 м.
  • Вид на море: есть
  • Бассейн: собственный

  • Кондиционеры - 2
  • Меблировка полная
  • Кухня
  • Эл/газ плита
  • Холодильник
  • Стиральная машина
  • ТВ
  • Интернет WI-FI

  • Pool villa with a 3,000 m² garden, free space for more villas.

    quiet area, 900 meters from the beach, views in the green nature and
    mountains, other buildings on the property possible.
    You see here a video made by me from House, garden and

    Away from the tourist bustle and only 900 m from the beach, located
    radical, temporary price reduction from 290.000 € € only 245,000, to I
    give to free my 4-door Mitsubishi Pick-Up, as inclusive, free goods!
    I am until September 20, 2018 here in Thailand on the spot. Thus, the
    checkout would be easy up to this point. That’s why I wrestled through
    me limited to this exceptionally high discount, until September 20,

    Please do not expect that you get here a credit in Thailand as a
    foreigner from a bank. If you are able to muster this purchase price in
    Germany in this short period of time and for at least 2-3 days after
    Thailand can travel, make the business of your life!

    The description of the real estate is easy and done in a few hours. A
    large part of the amount would be anyway to be transferred to a
    German bank account. Details, via mail or by phone. I would pick you
    up from the airport in SURAT THANI, personally. A young English
    neighbour family would take care of the property also on request
    during your absence and may rent for you.

    Please respond in your own interest quickly, because this property
    has already been called in just a few days by several hundreds and
    there were already numerous entries in the list!
    in a quiet area, this pool villa on a beautiful park-like garden. No traffic
    noise, but the chirping of the birds will awaken gently in the morning
    from sleep.
    In the tiled 12 m - pool with Roman stairs, swimming textile free their
    orbits, because he is not visible. You can also use the jet stream for
    your fitness. And leave by massaging neatly through the jets in floor
    and wall. In the two SPA-chairs in the pool you can then relax well.
    Both the outdoor shower with WC, the whole covered terrace, the
    pool and all the living quarters are located in only one level, without
    From the main living room you have a wonderful view over the pool to
    the surrounding green area with very good air. The surrounding
    vegetation also provides a clear, pleasant cooling at night. At the large
    living room (60 square meters) with high ceilings adjacent to the open
    kitchen, which is supplemented with an outdoor kitchen, and a
    separate storage room.
    Since you can stay on wearing only a swimsuit outdoors all year,
    great importance was attached to a spacious, partly protected with
    natural roof terrace (93 square meters) with several seating placed.
    3 sports courses (badminton, Botschia, table tennis) with a floodlight
    system also allow sports activities in the cooler evening hours.
    The many tropical BIO fruits from the garden taste especially good.
    By foot to reach a waterfall with a pool of water where you can cool
    pleasant. With the bike you can take wonderful trips in the immediate
    The villa was built 2012 for a European owner. It is sold with all
    furniture and equipment.

    Google map Villa in Khanom- Southern Thailand East Coast,99.5905465,127578m/data

    I am looking forward to your response and like to answer your
    questions. An email I could send many other photos, to get an
    impression of the life here.

    By the way: In this still fairly undiscovered and unspoilt area, you pay
    for a lunch with soup and drink for 1 person only incredible 1 EURO!

    Продажа Самуи Продажа Самуи Продажа Самуи Продажа Самуи Продажа Самуи Продажа Самуи Продажа Самуи Продажа Самуи Продажа Самуи Продажа Самуи
    Продажа Самуи

    Продавец:  +66616833909 Johann Weileder
    Язык для общения:    - Deutsch


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    Laguna Beach Resort Jomtien 2 Pattaya
    Laguna Beach Jomtien 2

    Продажа Самуи: Отдельный дом 6 комнат 260 м²; Цена продажи - 9 900 000 бат    -   Тайская компания
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